CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League attracts 85 global stars for Season One

CEAT ISRL Rider Pool Official Photo (L-R): Thomas Ramette (France), Adrien Malaval (France), Rugved Barguje (India), Anton Nordström Graaf (Sweden), Gregory (Greg) Aranda (France), Anthony Bourdon (France), Blake Ashley (USA), Anthony Raynard (South Africa), Prajwal Vishwanath (India), Nico Koch (Germany)

 The CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL), in partnership with the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), is thrilled to announce an unprecedented gathering of 85 global Supercross stars and international talents for its inaugural season. This remarkable assembly of renowned riders promises to make Season One an electrifying and unforgettable experience for motorsport enthusiasts and fans.

CEAT ISRL, with its participation, is living up to the promise of creating a global sport in India, which has received an overwhelming response from riders worldwide. These 85 riders hail from the USA, Spain, France, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Australia and India. This diverse talent pool provides team owners with an unprecedented opportunity to curate their dream teams. With riders from different corners of the world, team owners will have a wide array of choices, enabling them to assemble line-ups that combine international expertise and local flair. This freedom of choice is set to add a dynamic and strategic dimension to the league, creating thrilling racing experiences and intense rivalries throughout the season. It is a game-changing moment for ISRL, offering fans the prospect of seeing truly excellent talent in action.

Talking about the response by the riders worldwide, Mr. Eeshan Lokhande, Director & Co-Founder of the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League, said, “with immense pride and enthusiasm, I am thrilled to announce that the CEAT ISRL has received interest from 85 riders, indicating the league’s global appeal. Our mission remains focused on enhancing the quality of Supercross racing in India and elevating it to a global level. This league will be a testament to the prowess of Indian riders, and we’re determined to make it a global phenomenon.”

Season one of the CEAT ISRL will feature 64 riders selected from the rider pool, including 20 young Indian prodigies who will compete alongside seasoned international athletes. This blend of experience and youth promises to deliver thrilling and dynamic racing action like never before.

As we inch closer to the debut of the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League in December 2023, we are pleased to announce the formation of five teams, with more teams set to be unveiled in the near future. These teams are gearing up to select riders during the much-anticipated Rider Auction.

The inaugural season will witness multiple rounds hosted across three various cities in India. With four exhilarating racing categories, including 450cc international riders, 250cc international riders, 250cc India-Asia mix, and the fiercely competitive 85cc junior class, the League guarantees heart-pounding action and intense competition.

For further details on rider registration, the rider auction, and the CEAT ISRL Season one schedule, please visit the official SXI website at https://indiansupercrossleague.com/

Team Supercross India (SXI), the parent company of CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League, is at the helm of a ground-breaking initiative led by former international racers, Veer Patel (a two-time national SX Champion), Eeshan Lokhande and Aashwin Lokhande.

Drawing upon their extensive personal experience and unwavering passion for the sport, they have meticulously conceptualized, identified crucial gaps, and delivered a League that is set to redefine Supercross racing on a global scale. With their deep understanding of the sport and relentless pursuit of excellence, they are paving the way for a new era of Supercross that will captivate audiences worldwide.

The CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) is the world’s first franchise-based Supercross league. This ground-breaking initiative is set to revolutionize the way sports are perceived in India. It is here to create a global extravaganza, an awe-inspiring spectacle that will captivate Indian spectators like never before. CEAT ISRL have signed up with athletes around the world to compete in a variety of formats and categories, pushing the limits of their skills and inspiring Indian riders to reach new heights. Prepare to be amazed as our stage performers break records with their charismatic engagement, adding an extra layer of excitement to this premier motorsport event. The league is committed to providing a safe and competitive environment for riders of all ages and skill levels. The league also believes in giving back to the community and partnering with local organizations to promote youth development and environmental sustainability.