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The Evolution of a Tyre Business: An Interview with K. Durairaj

In the dynamic world of the tyre industry, staying ahead requires not just knowledge of the latest trends but also an ability to adapt and innovate. Mr. K. Durairaj, with his 45 years of experience, embodies this spirit of resilience and forward-thinking. Starting with a humble beginning of selling used tyres, Durairaj has navigated through […]


CEAT launches ‘SPORTRAD’ and ‘CROSSRAD’ Steel Rad tyres for High Powered Motorcycles

CEAT, leading home-grown tyre manufacturer, has taken the performance of its two-wheeler tyre range to a higher level with a new range of steel radial tyres, SPORTRAD and CROSSRAD. This premium range of steel radial tyres is specially crafted to unleash the full potential of high performance motorcycles. The SPORTRAD series is designed for high […]

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CEAT awarded Deming Grand Prize, first tyre brand to receive the rare distinction

CEAT Ltd., India’s leading tyre manufacturer, has been awarded the prestigious Deming Grand Prize making it the first tyre brand in the world to receive this rare distinction in 2023.  The Deming Grand Prize is an illustrious honour for organizations that have achieved the Deming Prize and have continued to sustain and elevate their Total […]


CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League attracts 85 global stars for Season One

 The CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL), in partnership with the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), is thrilled to announce an unprecedented gathering of 85 global Supercross stars and international talents for its inaugural season. This remarkable assembly of renowned riders promises to make Season One an electrifying and unforgettable experience for […]


CEAT unveils ‘CrossDrive’ all-terrain tyre range for aftermarket

The tyre maker has introduced the CrossDrive model in an effort to increase its market share in the aftermarket sector, writes Rajesh Rajgor CEAT has unveiled CrossDrive, its high-performance, all-terrain tyres for SUVs in India. CrossDrive incorporates CEAT’s cutting-edge 3D sipe technology and robust shoulder design that helps the tyre adapt to all-terrain applications. The […]


CEAT launches specially designed tyres for Electric Buses

India’s intra-city road transportation will soon feature even more environment–friendly electric buses. CEAT Tyres has launched new tyres with several leading EV OEM’s. These tyres have features which have been tested for ride and handling and are specific to the requirements of electric buses for use on urban roads. Speaking at the launch, Mr. Arnab Banerjee, […]