Building bridges to a brighter tomorrow: Gulf Oil’s vision for India’s infrastructure renaissance

By Ravi Chawla, MD & CEO, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. and Member, EXCON 2023 Steering Committee

The cyclical currents of any nation’s economic growth stem from the tides of its infrastructure development. With the government steering the course, the recent and rapid evolution of India’s infrastructure realm serves as a testament to its potential as an epicentre of global attraction. It is here that Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. envisions its role – not merely as a participant but as an advocate for change and innovation.

The narrative of infrastructure-led growth isn’t new, yet the strides India has taken in this direction are monumental. The PM Gatishakti National Masterplan is not just a policy; it’s a dream to leapfrog the Indian economy to a $5 trillion mark, solidifying our position on the global stage. Gulf Oil, with its commitment to quality and innovation, has consistently empowered various facets of this journey.

In FY 2022-23, the Indian Construction Equipment (CE) industry unveiled a growth story like no other. It’s not just about the 1 lakh+ units sold or the fact that we stand as the third-largest CE market globally. It’s about the nation’s unwavering focus on indigenization, with our commitment to the Make-in-India initiative shining through. Gulf Oil Lubricants, recognizing the massive potential of this industry, has championed products and solutions that align with its evolving needs.

Our goals are expansive yet rooted in sustainability. As the CE industry looks towards a 70% indigenization level by 2030, we see a parallel in our aspirations. Our products, designed for robustness and efficiency, complement the machinery that builds our nation, ensuring longer life and optimal performance.

Furthermore, the government’s substantial financial commitments across Roads & Highways, Mining, Urban Affairs, Ports, Aviation, and Railways magnify the massive scale of development India is poised to witness. Gulf Oil, with its deep-rooted presence across these sectors, takes pride in lubricating the wheels of this progress.

CII’s EXCON 2023 stands as a symbolic beacon, heralding the advancements and aspirations of our nation. Its theme, ‘Building India’s Tomorrow’, resonates deeply with our ethos. Gulf Oil Lubricants is not merely an exhibitor at EXCON 2023; we are imbibing its spirit, embodying the promise of technology, globalization, sustainability, and inclusivity – we’re collaborators in the shared dream of an infrastructurally sound India. Our stall will not just showcase our products but will serve as a knowledge hub, offering insights into the future of construction equipment lubrication, the importance of sustainable practices, and the roadmap to achieving operational excellence.

Spanning 30 lakh sq. ft and hosting 1,200 exhibitors from all corners of the globe, EXCON is a nexus of opportunities and collaborations. We, at Gulf Oil, are all set to showcase our innovations, our commitment to the industry, and our vision for India’s infrastructure renaissance. Together, as stakeholders in this grand vision, we march forward, building bridges to a brighter & sustainable tomorrow.