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ZEVO Electrifying India’s logistics and supply chain space

In the dynamic landscape of India’s evolving transportation sector, ZEVO emerges as a pioneering force, driving the nation towards a sustainable future through electrification. With a fervent commitment to innovation and efficiency, ZEVO stands at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, reshaping logistics and supply chains across diverse industries. In this comprehensive interview with Dhruv Bhatia, Co-Founder & COO, ZEVO, we delve into the company’s journey, exploring its remarkable growth, strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and ambitious plans to expand its footprint. In this report, Raghul Sivaguru unravels the story behind ZEVO’s ascent to becoming India’s electric mobility powerhouse, shaping the trajectory of the nation’s transportation sector and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

What role does ZEVO play in shaping the Indian EV market, across various segments?
ZEVO is pivotal in transforming the electric vehicle landscape by electrifying supply chains across various segments. Our operations not only foster environmental benefits but also offer cost advantages to our clients, aligning with and facilitating the achievement of national goals for EV adoption much sooner than planned.

How strong is your presence across the country? Do you also cater to segments other than e-commerce?
ZEVO maintains robust operations across the nation, with a presence in over 25 cities. While our head office is located in New Delhi, we have local teams deployed in each of these cities to manage operations effectively. Our services extend beyond e-commerce, catering to various industries and more than 45 client requirements that entail diverse delivery needs, specifically in the temperature-controlled segment.

With EVs penetrating in the last-mile delivery sector across various categories (2W/3W/4W), in which ways do ZEVO’s latest offerings set it apart from competitors?
What distinctly positions ZEVO ahead of competitors is our comprehensive fleet of electric vehicles, encompassing everything from two-wheelers to trucks. This diversity enables us to serve as a one-stop shop for everything EV. Our operational efficiency and pan-India presence, further amplify our commitment to promoting zero-emission logistics solutions across the country.

ZEVO is India’s Electric Mobility Powerhouse!

We can see a lot of companies partnering with ZEVO, on the perspective of Finance, Technology, Mobility – on what basis are they selected? What is the role of the mentors associated with ZEVO?
Our partnership criteria are being meticulous, focusing on the potential partner’s track record and their contributions to the electric delivery ecosystem, keeping the rate of finance to be minimum. Alignment with our mission and integration into our supply chain are also crucial factors. Regarding mentorship, our mentors are instrumental, leveraging their extensive experience to guide our strategic direction and decision-making processes from the outset.

How does ZEVO plan to establish a significant presence in the EV Supply Chain? On what basis do you choose your fleet of vehicles?
Our fleet selection process is rigorous, involving extensive trials across varied conditions and considerations for geographical and client-specific requirements. Looking forward, our goal is to expand our fleet to 10,000 vehicles and enhance our presence across India and abroad, significantly impacting the EV supply chain platform.

In terms of charging infrastructure and maintenance, how is ZEVO working to enhance the fast-charging facilities and service centers for the EV Fleet, to make EV adoption more convenient?
To support convenient EV adoption, ZEVO has established partnerships with numerous charging and parking enterprises, granting access to 10,000 charging points nationwide. We also develop our own charging facilities as needed. Our dedicated in-house service team conducts regular audits to ensure optimal performance and maintenance of our fleet, which is critical to achieve maximum uptime of fleet.

What are the challenges faced in implementing a tech-enabled ecosystem in the logistics sector and the integration of IoT, to enhance the last-mile delivery in an electrified manner?
Implementing a tech-enabled logistics ecosystem presents initial challenges, primarily due to the inertia in adopting new technologies. However, technological integration, including the use of IoT, significantly enhances our operational capabilities and efficiency. While the adoption curve is gradual, the transition is gaining momentum, establishing technology as a crucial enabler in our industry.

What are your expansion plans and ongoing projects that ZEVO is presently engaged in?
ZEVO’s expansion strategy for the upcoming year focuses on extending our reach, particularly into the tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and enlarging our fleet across all vehicle types to include 10,000 vehicles within this year. This expansion is central to our efforts to penetrate the Indian market more comprehensively.

Can you throw some light on ZEVO’s performance and revenue for FY23-24?
Currently, we are operating at an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of Rs. 50 Crores. We had experienced a substantial growth trajectory with our monthly revenue run rate, likely to increase to Rs. 240 crores by March 2025.