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“We foresee India becoming a vital production center for us” – Makersan

N. Balasubramanian had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Oktay Pehlivanoglu, Global Marketing Director, Makersan, during EXCON 2023. The conversation delves into Makersan’s strategic presence at the exhibition, their focus on the construction equipment segment, unique offerings in the mechatronics space, and the significance of India in Makersan’s global business strategy.

Let’s start with an update on your participation at EXCON 2023. Why are you here as an exhibitor?
We aim to be a part of India’s rapidly growing CE industry. With India poised to become the second-largest market globally, we want to contribute by providing our sophisticated products for large construction machines. We are optimistic about the Indian market’s potential and plan to establish local production in the coming years.

How important is the construction equipment segment for Makersan?
The construction equipment segment is crucial for us as the machines are becoming more sophisticated and electronic. We focus on electronic products, replacing hydraulic systems with our electronic control systems. With the increasing need for electronic components in construction machines, we see this segment as the key to our future growth.

How does Makersan differentiate itself in the market, especially with the shift from hydraulic to electronic systems?
Our unique production facility, where everything is under one roof, sets us apart. Being a family business run by three brothers, each with expertise in electronics and mechanics, we have a holistic approach to development. We are not solely business-minded; our focus is on realizing innovative products. This approach, combined with our experience in mechanical parts, gives us a competitive edge.

As a global company, how important is India to Makersan’s business?
Currently, India’s contribution is minimal, but with the global trend of manufacturing plants being established in India, we anticipate significant growth. We already work with some companies through equipment with our products are shipped to other markets from India. As India becomes a production hub, our presence here is essential for serving our global clientele.

Does Makersan have plans for local production in India, not just for the domestic market but also for global distribution?
Absolutely. We are expanding our offerings, such as an emergency handle developed for buses in India, to cater to other countries. We foresee India becoming a vital production center, and our presence and production here are imperative.

What are your growth targets, especially for India, in

We aim for over a 100% growth, building on the momentum we have experienced in 2023. With new projects in the pipeline and strategic deals being made, we anticipate a substantial increase in business, possibly exceeding our expectations.