Powering the future with innovation

By R. Senthil Kumar, Vice President – Marketing, Simpson & Co. Ltd.

R. Senthil Kumar, VP – Marketing (left), and Balavijayan Nagarajan, President, Simpson & Co. Ltd.

India is a land of monumental opportunities and is poised to become one of the most important economies in the world. As a major global player holding the second largest agricultural land in the world, considerable progress in agricultural mechanisation is on the cards, with the agricultural equipment industry expected to rocket from Rs. 926 billion to Rs. 1,689 billion by 2027. And along with a Rs. 50 trillion investment in infrastructure projects on the anvil, the Indian construction industry is expected to surge from $6.6 billion to $12.4 billion by 2029.

Indian exports to Russia, currently at Rs. 24 billion, are anticipated to take a leap with a significant number of western countries leaving the Russian shores due to the Ukraine war situation. New opportunities are on the horizon for Indian businesses with productive joint manufacturing treaties giving a boost to the ‘make in India’ program.

With geo-political tensions and the pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions, the empire of manufacturing in China is crumbling slowly as new opportunities for Indian manufacturing emerge in the horizon.

Yes, with robust demand and burgeoning opportunities, India is the most happening place indeed.

Technology – The Engine of Opportunity

New technology always creates new opportunities. But then, machines don’t think, men do. And though Simpsons has been in India since 1840, the thinking is young and always futuristic. The will to innovate is always on overdrive. The new generation SJV series of diesel engines, from 30-136 Ps, is one such example of forward-thinking that meets Eu Stage 5, Tier 4F, CEV Stage 5, Trem 5, and CPCB4+ norms. And it doesn’t just stop there. Development is in full swing for alternate fuel products and a complete electric drive solution (6-16 kW) is on the anvil in alignment with industry trends. The talent, tools and technology have been made available in all functions for application, integration, simulation and optimisation for commercial release of a complete e-drive – motor, battery & its management, controller and gearbox. The constant search to improve has re-jigged digital transformation and enabled reconfiguration to highly potent supply chains. From level 7 clean rooms, air-conditioned assembly facilities to computerised test beds, nothing has been left unturned in the search for excellence. And in caring for a greener world, Simpsons has become the pioneer and leader in diesel engine therapy.

Think Global, Go Global

The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. So when you think big, believe big and act big, the results will be big too. The Simpsons Global Outreach Program does just that. By putting together a comprehensive strategy and well thought out new initiatives, Simpsons is focussed on developed markets by partnering with market leaders. Towards this, Simpsons has been bending its back to create a new ecosystem that encompasses its supply, distribution, parts & service network.

The Future is Innovation

Our future success is turbocharged by our ability to understand, adopt and integrate new technology. And by following this dictum Simpsons is growing, despite the downturn – thanks to a robust domestic market. But then, change is only created when you raise your standards. And this is the relentless Simpsons dream, to set new standards for diesel power!