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Bezares Alpha Drives excited about growth prospects after best-ever year

In a quick chat with N. Balasubramanian at EXCON 2023, Suresh J. Williams, Managing Director, Bezares Alpha Drives India (P) Ltd., and Alejandro Núñez Bezares, Chief Financial Officer, Bezares S.A, talk about around their company’s focus at the event, their successful partnership, and business outlook for the dynamic Indian market.

What is Alpha Drives’ focus at this year’s show and what are the key products on display?
Suresh Williams: In this year’s EXCON, we aim to connect with our existing customers, gather feedback on our products, and showcase the array of new products we’ve developed post-COVID. From transmission mounted PTOs to full power drive line PTOs, split shaft units, three pad drives, we have expanded our product range significantly. We want our customers to be aware of these offerings to better understand how we can serve them.

Alpha Drives has had a successful partnership with Bezares. Can you tell us about this partnership and its importance for your growth story?
Suresh Williams: We have built up a working relationship with Bezares over the past 8years, which has now evolved into a full-fledged JV with equity investment in the past three years during which they have taken a stake in our company. They have provided us access to their world- class technology and allowed us to export our products back to them in Spain. This partnership has significantly enhanced our products, processes, and product range, all made possible by our close working relationship with their team.

What kind of opportunities does Bezares see in the Indian market?
Alejandro Núñez Bezares: Bezares, as a global company, recognizes India’s potential, being the most populated country in the world. We are fully committed to this market, expecting substantial growth in the next ten years and beyond. This commitment is why Bezares has a strong presence in India.

EXCON being the largest construction equipment show in South Asia, what are your impressions of the show?
Alejandro Núñez Bezares: I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of people, not only in our booth but throughout the entire show. The level of interest and engagement makes EXCON a highly interesting and valuable event.

Could you give us an update on business in 2023 and an outlook for 2024?
Suresh Williams: The last year (2022) has been positive, marking a smart recovery from the COVID years. This year is even better and possibly the best in our history. With India poised for significant growth, we are excited to be part of this unfolding narrative.