Apollo EnduTrax-Setting new standards in durability and performance

The infrastructure segment in the country is growing at a fast pace, and it is further getting a shot-in-the-arm due to the increased spending by the government year after year. Leading tyre maker, Apollo Tyres, which has been looking at leveraging this growth in infrastructure, provided an experiential drive to the fleet owners, business partners and media, at the specially curated track at the NATRAX facility in Indore, to showcase its technological prowess, especially in the truck bus radial segment. Rajesh Rajgor attended the event and spoke to Vikram Garga, Group Head, Marketing and Prashant Kumar S, Head, Truck-Bus Radial (TBR) tyres, R&D, Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Apollo Tyres Ltd, a leader in the tyre industry, recently showcased its commitment to innovation and customer experience at National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX), Indore, Asia’s largest testing facility. This first-of-its-kind experiential drive for commercial vehicle tyres in the country, at NATRAX, for aftermarket customers and media was organised to showcase the toughness of the Apollo EnduTrax range, which has been developed afresh with inputs from customers.

The event marked a significant milestone for Apollo, emphasizing its dedication to demonstrating the trusted performance of its products, particularly the Apollo EnduTrax range designed for the challenging tipper segment. Specially curated track with slush/mud pit, dirt gradient, undulation, boulders and gravel tested the tyres to its maximum on durability, high uptime and grip, and gave an exhilarating experience to the participants.

Vikram Garga, Group Head of Marketing at Apollo Tyres Ltd, highlighted the company’s approach to product development, “Our aim is to take the performance experience as close to our customers as possible. We’re proud to showcase our Apollo EnduTrax tyres at NATRAX, underlining our commitment to durability and reliability in extreme conditions.”

Unmatched Durability for Demanding Environments

The Apollo EnduTrax range of tyres, specifically engineered for tippers operating in demanding environments such as quarries and construction sites, has been developed deploying the latest technologies on durability, mileage, and cut and chip.

Prashant Kumar S, Head of Truck-Bus Radial (TBR) Tyres R&D at Apollo Tyres Ltd, elaborated on the technical advancements, “The EnduTrax range incorporates our toughest technologies, including a specialized carcass and bead area for enhanced durability and resistance against cuts and chips. These innovations ensure the tyres can withstand both the rugged off-road terrains and the high speeds on roads.

The assurance of Apollo Tyres’ ‘ACTO’ casing is further enhanced by unique bead area reinforcement materials. “ACTO casing ensures unmatched durability. Additionally, the tread’s elastomer matrix technology provides superior cut and chip resistance, while special compounds extend tread life. Moreover, the presence of distributed blocks and rounded tie bars ensures traction even in slushy terrain,” explained Prashant.

These tyres are a testament to Apollo’s focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by this segment, designed to handle loads of 40 to 60 tons across varied terrains, ensuring minimal tread wear and maximum fuel efficiency despite the heavy loads and tough conditions. This design, coupled with Apollo Tyres’ precision manufacturing, makes every EnduTrax tyre the first choice for any tipper customers.

The EnduTrax range is available in a variety of sizes to cater to different needs, including 10.00 R20, 295/90 R20, and 11.00 R20 for tube type sizes, as well as 295/80R 22.5, 315/80R 22.5, and 13R 22.5 for tubeless applications in both domestic and export markets.

Leading with Customer-Centric Innovation

Apollo is proud of being a preferred partner of leading commercial vehicle OEMs in the tipper segment, and, has the highest market share in this segment on an overall basis as well. The EnduTrax range from Apollo Tyres comprising EnduTrax MD+, EnduTrax MD and EnduTrax MA is used in tipper trucks for off-road and on-road applications in the growing infrastructure segment and for mining of construction materials.

The company’s market presence is significant, with a healthy market share of 30 to 35% in a monthly market volume of nearly 200,000 tyres. This success is attributed to the company’s continuous engagement with customers and its ability to incorporate real-time feedback into product development, ensuring that each tyre meets the stringent requirements of its users.

Garga adds, “Our collaborative approach to product development, combined with our focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, positions Apollo as a forward-thinking leader in the tyre industry. We are not just about selling tyres; we are about offering solutions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of our customers’ operations.

Apollo Tyres’ initiative at NATRAX serves as a pivotal moment, reinforcing its dedication to innovation, customer-centric solutions, and sustainable practices that pave the way for a future where performance and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.