TAAIF hosts 41st AGM and first EC Meet in Madurai

On 17th March 2024, the 41st AGM and first EC meet of Tamilnadu Automobile and Allied Industries Federation (TAAIF) was held at Hotel Western Park in Madurai with great success. The TAAIF administration executed the event in a seamless manner, with over 140 executives from 15 associations present on the occasion.

Mr. K. A. Chithambaram, Chairman of Legal Committee and President of TNMPDA and Mr. E. Sidharthan, Member of General Committee of TAAIF and Joint Secretary of TNMPDA, delivered insightful speeches on the occasion. One of the main highlights for TAAIF for 2023-24 was the successful Madurai Auto Expo’23 hosted by the Federation during September-October last year. Since then, TAAIF has been working on the publication of TAAIF Newsletter, has given Educational Award Cash Prize to 9 associations, and has been putting a lot of effort towards Traders’ tax, Professional Tax, VAT notice received in 2017-18, Explanation about GST etc.

Taking into consideration the requests of some of its members, along with TVS, it was assured that efforts will be made to organize a high-level meeting soon. On behalf of its members, TAAIF expressed its sincere gratitude to all the association executives for their full cooperation and enthusiastic participation in making the AGM and EC meet a grand success.