Subros’ aggressive product expansion in spotlight 

In an exclusive chat with MOTORINDIA’s Aftermarket & Service, P. K. Duggal, CEO, Subros Limited, talks about Subros’ aggressive product expansion post COVID and more.

Presence at ACMA Automechanika

This is a very important event happening after 5 years. We want to re-emphasize our connect with the dealerships and end consumers and recreate the physical meetings and interactions. During the last five years, a lot of new products have entered the market, new users have come up, the market car parc has increased and customer expectations have also changed. We are showcasing a host of new products and technologies.

New Products

In the last five years, Subros has expanded into many new product segments such as bus AC, railways, tractors and truck AC. All these new products we have developed in the last 8-10 years have come into commercialization now. During this period, a lot of tech transition has happened and customers have come out with advanced tech which we are supporting with suitable products from our side.

Biz Update

The last eight quarters have been very good for the auto industry, even surpassing the pre-COVID levels. We are hopeful that the recovery will continue but there are mixed views on the next financial year due to elections and the geo-political issues around the world. We expect the industry to grow in a single digit percentage but Subros will be doing better than the industry.