Schaeffler India’s new campaign showcases LuK for Next-Gen Fleet Owners

As the monsoon season approaches, the Motion Technology company Schaeffler India is empowering commercial vehicle fleets to navigate the challenging times with a strategic digital campaign for its definitive clutches and drivetrain components aftermarket brand, LuK.

Widely recognized for its innovation, longevity, and original equipment-matching quality, Schaeffler’s LuK finds its way into every third car globally. The launch of the ad films marks Schaeffler India’s latest communication in its #Badhechalo marketing drive for intelligent repair solutions for all vehicle classes.

The marketing campaign goes beyond product promotion, aiming for a deeper customer connection.  Debashish Satpathy, President of Vehicle Lifetime Solutions, Schaeffler India, said, “Schaeffler India’s longstanding collaboration with leading vehicles equips us with the expertise that is vital for the innovative repair solutions we bring to the aftermarket for commercial vehicles and tractors. The new campaign will resonate with India’s new generation of astute commercial vehicle owners who look for greater efficiency, reliability, and ultimately, higher productivity. In drivetrain components, that would mean clutch systems that deliver modern technology to last them longer and save them time and resources. We have timed the campaign to precede the monsoon this year because our swiftly serviceable clutch technology is transformative for commercial vehicles.”

Released across social media platforms, the films depict customers who trust Schaeffler India’s LuK line of transmission solutions for their growing business because they feature cutting-edge clutch technology, with a life span twice the average, and are quickly serviceable.

Schaeffler’s knowledge of how drivetrain components interact, including clutches, release systems, vibration damping, transmission components and even up-and-coming drive concepts such as hybrid systems, translates to ingenious solutions for original equipment or its comprehensive repair solutions in the aftermarket.

This holistic knowledge ensures that each LuK component seamlessly integrates with the vehicle to deliver:

Maximized uptime: Schaeffler’s innovative serviceable products are OE-quality and perfectly match existing systems in commercial vehicles, allowing for quick and easy maintenance, reducing downtime and keeping vehicles on the road longer.

Durability: LuK’s efficient power transmission components including clutches play a pivotal role from ensuring smooth gear shift, providing longer durability and overall operational efficiency.

Driving comfort: The Schaeffler clutch systems’ exceptional power transfer ensures smooth gear changes in challenging conditions such as on slippery roads. This allows for driving with greater control and comfort.

LuK leverages Schaeffler India’s association as a development partner with the country’s pioneering automotive industry. Its portfolio of optimal solutions for every drivetrain repair in OE quality is available with authorized distributors across India.