Remsons forges strategic JVs for future-focused automotive technologies

Remsons made a notable impact at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, reaffirming its status as a pioneering force in automotive product manufacturing. With a rich heritage spanning five decades, Remsons underscored its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation both in terms of people practices and in technology thereby positioning themselves for long term success. The company’s strategic move into joint ventures (JVs) further amplifies its presence in the automotive sector. In discussions with Rajesh Rajgor, Amit Srivastava, Group CEO of Remsons along with Key JV partners shed light on their collaborative strategies, particularly emphasizing their focus on futuristic technologies notably those tailored for electric vehicles (EVs).

At the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, Remsons seized the opportunity to showcase its products to none other than our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Out of 600 auto components companies, only 10 companies were selected for this prestigious opportunity, marking a monumental moment for Remsons. “Getting recognized not only shows the company has really good potential at what it does but also makes it a leader in the tough automotive industry. Our participation in the expo not only solidifies its position as an industry leader but also highlights its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of automotive technology,” said Amit Srivastava, Group CEO of Remsons.

The company’s expertise extends across a range of high-quality auto components, including Control Cables, Gear Shifters, Pedal Boxes, Winches, Jacks, and by virtue of JV it has enhanced its products portfolio which includes futuristic products for enhancing consumer experience like Tyre Puncture Kits, Infotainment products and Sensor Products.

Strategic Alliances – The 3 Joint Ventures
Part of Remsons’ success lies in its strategic alliances. Its recent JV with an industry leader like Aircom which is a renowned brand for revolutionizing the automotive industry with TyreMobilityKits (TMK). TMK designed to replace spare wheels, boasts impressive benefits, including substantial space, weight, and CO2 savings, along with punch repairs that are four times faster and easier than traditional spare wheels.

In an era of seamless connectivity, Remsons has collaborated with DAIICHI, ensuring travelers have access to information and entertainment, both at work and at home. DAIICHI’s technology enhances the overall driving experience, aligning vehicles with the connectivity demands of the modern world.

Another key partner, Uni Automation (I) stands out as a significant Sensors and potentiometers manufacturers worldwide catering to wide range of applications in automobile, industrial, medical, textile, defense and earth moving applications. Uni Automation exemplifies technological innovation. As a one-stop sensor technology solution provider, Uni Automation reputation aligns seamlessly with Remsons’ commitment to quality and innovation.

Aircom & Remsons – Tyre-saving breakthrough
Dominik Gschwender, CEO of Aircom, shares insights into the company’s innovative approach: “Aircom has been a global market leader since 2011, with over 60% market share worldwide and nearly 75% in Europe. Our aim is to revolutionize the passenger car vehicle segment by introducing a new concept where the fifth wheel is no longer needed, providing drivers peace of mind in case of punctures.

Discussing the product’s development and localization, Dominik explains, “We manufacture in Europe, Poland specifically, with local content in every region we serve. We’ve seen impressive potential in the Indian market, which is why we’re considering manufacturing here.

Amit Srivastava, Group CEO of Remsons, emphasizes their collaborative efforts with OEMs: “We’re engaging closely with OEMs, providing a stable supply chain for this innovative solution. Our joint venture with Aircom aims to lead the market, offering significant space, cost, and comfort benefits for travelers.

Regarding product customization for various tyre sizes, Amit elaborates, “Our products cater to a wide range of tyre sizes, with adjustable compressor power and sealant volume. Localizing production in Pune will further enhance our ability to meet diverse requirements efficiently.”

Dominik sheds light on the joint venture’s timeline and plans: “We initiated the joint venture almost two years ago and aim to have the Pune plant operational by next summer. Our focus is on achieving 70 to 80% localization, ensuring cost competitiveness and superior quality.

Highlighting India’s growing significance in the global market Dominik reveals: “While India remains a strong domestic market, its prominence at the global level reflects shaping international trends and dynamics. We also see it becoming a crucial source for components worldwide. This marks the beginning of a promising future for the industry.

Remsons & DAIICHI – Seamless Infotainment Solutions
Caner Unal, Managing Director of Daiichi Infotainment Systems Pvt Ltd., introduces Daiichi as a global technology company specializing in infotainment systems and cockpit electronics for the automotive industry. He expresses Daiichi’s commitment to investing in India, stating, “Since 2018, we’ve been understanding the market demands, and now it’s time for us to establish an engineering and R&D center here, in collaboration with Remsons, to expand our business through localization.”

Amit Srivastava, Group CEO of Remsons, highlights the synergy between the two companies: “Daiichi’s established presence in the European market combined with our footprint in the domestic market positions us well for growth. We aim to offer affordable, quality products tailored to Indian consumers’ increasing aspirations.”

Discussing future expansions, Caner mentions, “We’re looking to extend our product lines to buses, alongside our current focus on passenger cars and commercial vehicles.” Regarding production capacity and scaling, Amit asserts, “With both companies financially strong, we foresee no challenges in ramping up capacity. Remsons plans to invest over 100 crore Rupees in the next three years, targeting a significant growth trajectory.

When asked about unique selling points, Caner emphasizes their focus on technology catering to the younger generation: “We aim to provide technology that seamlessly integrates into the vehicle cabin, reflecting the preferences of today’s tech-savvy consumers.”

Amit underscores Daiichi’s cost leadership and quality, stating, “Daiichi offers affordable, high-quality features tailored to the B and C segment cars, which sets us apart in the market.” The partnership between Daiichi and Remsons aims to revolutionize the automotive electronics segment in India, offering innovative, affordable solutions that cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Remsons & Uni Automation – Pioneering Precision Technology with Sensors
Uni-Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd. has firmly established itself as a key player among the world’s leading sensor manufacturers. “With a legacy spanning more than 35 years, the company’s commitment to providing unique solutions has contributed to its prominence in the global sensor manufacturing arena. Uni- Automation prides itself on crafting innovative products that achieve the highest levels of precision. With a commitment to precision and innovation, Uni Automation delivers customized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of industries spanning Automotive, Industrial manufacturing, defense, aerospace, Industrial, healthcare, and beyond. This achievement is made possible through dedicated research and development processes, unique expertise, and a collaborative network essential for high-performance measurement systems. Uni-Automation’s focus on innovation not only sets it apart but also ensures that its products offer customers a genuine competitive advantage,” shares Amit.

Expanding Horizons and Empowering Employees
These JVs underscore Remsons dedication to technological advancement and connectivity solutions in the automotive sector. With an ambitious outlook, Remsons is actively reaching out to various commercial vehicle manufacturers to establish partnerships and broaden its business footprint in the competitive market.

Along with fostering JVs, Remsons is building upon its commitment to employee empowerment and fostering a motivating work environment, Remsons continues to achieve significant milestones through its People Excellence Practises. Following its recognition as a Great Place to Work in 2023 twice in a row, the company also gained Ranking in India’s Top 100 Mid-Size Companies 2023, followed by The Top 50 India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing for 2024.

Additionally, Remsons has been a beacon of excellence in the corporate world, consistently shining in multiple categories. Not only has the company secured the coveted Great Place to Work in 2024, recognition three times consecutively, but it has also been a frontrunner in India’s top 100 mid-sized companies across various sectors, including service, health, and IT. Furthermore, Remsons has been acknowledged as the best in the auto and auto component industry, as well as a top performer in the Indian manufacturing sector, securing a spot in the prestigious India Top 50 list. Most recently, Remsons has been recognized as one of India’s Top 25 companies for building a culture of innovation, a testament to its commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering creativity within its workforce.

This accolade further solidifies Remsons Industries’ dedication to creating a positive workplace culture and nurturing talent within the manufacturing sector. Our proactive approach to employee motivation, safety, and skill development aligns with our vision for sustained growth and excellence,” Amit concludes. As Amit indicated, Remsons Industries remains focused on fostering Innovation, Collaboration, Talent Upskilling and Employee Satisfaction, positioning itself as a formidable presence in the automotive industry.