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myTVS launches ‘Life360’, India’s first connected car platform for aftermarket

Mr. G Srinivasa Raghavan, Managing Director, Ki Mobility Solutions

myTVS, India’s largest independent integrated multi-brand car service provider,has announced the launch of a connected car platform, ‘myTVS Life360’ for all the post-warranty passenger cars. This is for the first time in India that an aftermarket player offers a ‘Super app’ to passenger car customers that will provide vehicle service, emergency assistance, parts, insurance, payment platform, accessories, along with a wide range of service products.

India’s First Connected Car Platform for Aftermarket ‘myTVS Life360’ will provide an entire range of services for aftermarket with complete transparency and value for money to its customers. Through this ‘Super app’ customers can avail an extensive and personalised experience and going forward the Super app will also act as a platform for used car sales along with leasing options. The membership is attractively priced at INR 4999 for a three-year subscription, which will be available for customers from 15th July 2022.

The Super app is connected to a personalized device provided by myTVS and hence enables safe, personalised experiences for the car owners, which includes driving behaviour, geo-fencing, personalised recommendation to improve mileage, engine performance and safety alarm and notification for the user. This also comes with a personalised travel map to give access to myTVS network, fuel stations, nearest police stations, and hospitals, thereby making it a complete lifestyle product.

Commenting on the launch Mr. G Srinivasa Raghavan, Managing Director, Ki Mobility Solutions, “myTVS Life 360 has many firsts to its credit in the Indian Automotive Aftermarket.  It is the first-of-its-kind Pan India product that connects the customers with the aftermarket ecosystem across 1000 + myTVS networks in real-time for all their car care, emergency and repair needs. It is for the first time, that car service has become a lifestyle product that integrates telematics of the car with a host of travel needs like pre- and post-travel check-ups for long and weekend travel. It includes trip-based insurance, trip-based Roadside Assistance, a personalized travel map with location information on the nearest myTVS network, etc. It is again for the first time; we have integrated telematics with Artificial intelligence algorithms so that the customer can reduce the overall cost of maintenance through predictive maintenance and enhance the performance of the car including mileage by changing his driving behaviour thereby increasing the quality and resale value of the car.”

Raghavan further added, “myTVS Life360 is a total car care product that connects the customer with his vehicle, a customer with myTVS network and its partners thereby enabling him to enjoy hassle-free ownership and usage of his car. Along with the subscription of myTVS Life360, customers can gain access to the widest range of services at myTVS with an attractive cashback program thereby helping to reduce the cost of maintenance. Finally, it helps customers to get the best and innovative insurance solutions including the first point of contact for any emergency across the country.”

The super app will also offer facility to pay all utility payments through myTVS Pay with cashback and reward points. The app will also feature myTVS Vault, which allows customers to store important documents like insurance copies, driver’s license, registration certificate etc. for easy access.The Super app – myTVS Life360 is available on Android and iOS platforms.