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Hidromas scores with pioneering tipping hydraulics and a commitment to aftersales excellence

Hidromas India Pvt Ltd, a prominent player in the Tipping Hydraulics sector, showcased its extensive range of products at the exhibition. Subhamoy Ghosh, Business Head, emphasized the company’s stronghold in the Indian tipper market, stating, “We have been a prominent presence for the last 11 years, consolidating our position and gearing up for future growth.

Addressing the diverse needs of the construction equipment industry, Subhamoy detailed, “We specialize in front- end tipping hydraulics, catering to trucks ranging from 12-ton GVW to 55-ton GVW prime movers. Our product range includes various cylinder diameters and stroke lengths, ensuring we meet the specific demands of the Indian market.

Highlighting Hidromas’s commitment to product longevity, Subhamoy explained, “Our key differentiator is the use of bigger diameter cylinders. This ensures a longer life for the cylinders, providing added value to our customers. Coupled with high-performance pumps, we are steadily increasing our market share in India.

Discussing the vital aspect of after-sales support, Subhamoy outlined the company’s extensive service network, stating, “We have set up 55 stock locations across the country, with plans to grow to 75 by 2024 and 100 service points by 2025. Additionally, we are introducing new service apps to enhance customer experience, allowing real- time issue logging and tracking.

Looking ahead, Subhamoy shared the company’s global and domestic goals, saying, “Globally, our aim is to strengthen our presence in mainland Europe. In India, our short-term goal is to become the number one player in market share. We are actively partnering with all the OEMs, with plans to collaborate exclusively in certain segments, ensuring a broader market share.

As Hidromas looks to the future, Subhamoy expressed confidence in the company’s trajectory, teasing exciting figures for the next exhibition. He concluded, “Almost all truck manufacturers in India will have Hidromas as one of their choices, solidifying our position in the industry.