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Gro Digital Platforms: Enhancing Truck Operators’ Efficiency and Earnings

Gro Digital Platforms, a Hinduja Group company, is empowering truck operators through a three-pillar approach: increasing earnings, reducing operational costs, and addressing working capital shortages. According to L Sreekant, Product Head at Gro Digital Platforms, they achieve this by providing loads, reducing fuel expenses, offering GPS tracking solutions, and ensuring working capital loans for truck operators.

Sreekant explains, “We are able to give him a load based on the size of the truck, the routes he prefers, and a competitive rate.” This helps truck operators make efficient use of their assets. The ‘eNdhan’ card, part of their loyalty program, not only helps truck operators accumulate loyalty points but also provides insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. The program aims to reduce operational costs and enhance driver safety.

Additionally, their GPS tracking solutions offer better visibility and route optimization, reducing fuel consumption. Sreekant adds, “Our GPS platform improves vehicle productivity and provides the correct route to reduce fuel consumption.” To combat fuel theft, Gro Digital Platforms introduced ‘eNdhan Kavach,’ preventing fuel pilferage at vulnerable points in trucks. Sreekant highlights that “our in-cabin coverage prevents fuel theft.”

Their Gro Saving program ensures a 100% digital journey for truck operators, allowing them to access fuel credit and manage their working capital digitally. Sreekant says, “We are giving a 1.5 lakh kms or one and a half years warranty on our axles.” The company’s focus on quality and service further builds trust with truck operators.

Gro Digital Platforms, although relatively new in the industry, benefits from being part of the Hinduja Group, boasting 150,000 enrolled vehicles and 20,000 service centers in its network. Sreekant emphasizes that the company’s mission is to increase the number of users on their platform, particularly focusing on expanding their supplier base and collaborating with corporate shippers to optimize their logistics operations. He believes that digitalization will be a crucial factor in reducing logistics costs in the future. While digitalization is on the rise, Sreekant also acknowledges the importance of a human touch in their operations, as it complements the advantages of digitalization.