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Global industry players to shift gears towards sustainability at Asiabike Jakarta 2024

The industry is pedalling into high gear as global two-wheel enterprises prepare for Asiabike Jakarta (ABJ) 2024, where over 90 leading exhibitors will showcase their latest sustainable mobility solutions supporting Indonesia’s commitment to a greener future. As the inaugural two-wheeler trade fair rolls into Jakarta International Expo from 30 April – 4 May, buyers will have a first look at the up-to-date innovations fuelling the sector, with a focus on health and lifestyle cycling, as well as E-mobility and E-evolution – new displays centred on renewable energy solutions.

The transition to electric two-wheelers in Indonesia represents more than just a technological change; it signifies a profound shift towards sustainability. Indonesia’s electric two-wheeler market is projected to expand at a 15.2% CAGR, reaching 44,000 units by 2030. This growth is driven by the need to address vehicular pollution and reduce carbon footprint through the adoption of green transportation, with e-scooters and e-bikes poised to play a major role in powering the country’s transition.

In addition, bike manufacturers are transforming their operations to be more eco-conscious, with many switching to renewable energy sources, recycled metals and bio-based composites that reduce waste throughout the production process. This focus on sustainability will be on display at the inaugural edition of ABJ. As the fair is set to be a milestone event in the field of urban mobility, attendees can discover the newest advancements in traditional bicycles, drive systems for e-bikes, battery-friendly charging process, accessories, parts, and equipment. 

Among the exhibitors, Yadea will showcase three new electric vehicles at the fair. Designed with both male and female commuters in mind, these vehicles are equipped with Yadea TTFAR graphene batteries, carbon steel frames known for their strength and durability, exceptional rear waterproofing and rustproofing, and NFC unlocking for convenient usage. Recognising the significant opportunities within Indonesia’s electric vehicle market, Yadea is participating in Asiabike Jakarta to deliver green solutions and gain more local insights, enabling millions to enjoy a wonderful travel experience.

Under the theme ‘Future on Wheels’, buyers can explore the full spectrum of green mobility solutions focusing on E-mobility, health and lifestyle cycling, and E-evolution for new and renewable energy.

  • E-mobility: ABJ will highlight the growing movement towards sustainable transportation solutions through its E-mobility showcase. Visitors can explore the latest electric two-wheelers on the market and experience cutting-edge advances in E-mobility technology firsthand, including innovations with improved battery ranges and life, faster charging capabilities, and enhanced vehicle performance. Exhibitors in this category include Aima, Baoshima, Bodo, Da Huan, Datai, Dfjzdj, Dimen, Fardriver, Freepath, Gobao, Goldmotto, Gowei, Hochwert, Kenli, Kuama, Lima, Luyuan, Mimbob, Naicisports, Nanpu, Ofero, Okuley, Oudie, Pony, Queenshow, Shiwei, Sinc Lithium Battery, Smark, Sunra, Suring, Taihong, Tailg, Tbit, Teyin, Tfsmilee, Wang Zheng, Winblaze, Xinhua, Yadea and Zijazo.
  • Health and lifestyle cycling: recognising the profound health benefits of cycling, this  concept will feature the innovative products and services designed to maximise the wellness potential of every ride. From fitness-focused accessories to solutions promoting an active lifestyle, attendees can discover how integrating cycling into their routine can enhance both physical and mental well-being. Suppliers such as Carbon Valley, Carbonal, Chiba, Delium And Deli Tire, Enchess, Hangyi, Kinlin, Ledlink, Len Joy, Navigate, Pai, Phoenix, Pacific, Tannus, Vipper, Zhufeng and ZT will highight relevant products on the showfloor.
  • E-evolution: To facilitate the transition to sustainable electric vehicles, experts will educate buyers on the environmental, financial and performance advantages that electric vehicles provide. For example, how electric two-wheelers can reduce emissions and fuel costs while increasing joy of riding. Brands including Cnae, Dipper Star, Farasis Energy, Lide, Lomensa, Mda, Phylion, Raysmart, Sans, Scud Power, Shanshan, Xietong, X-Power and Yuye Technology are set to reveal these techologies onsite.

Asiabike Jakarta is strategically co-located with the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show – dedicated exclusively to the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem. The two shows will leverage each other’s resources and technological know-how, and maximise visitor efficiencies.