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In an interview with Rajesh Rajgor, Saji Thomas of Gates India highlighted their new focus as a system solution provider at EXCON, moving beyond traditional product sales. Thomas emphasized their commitment to R&D, extensive manufacturing capacity in India, and ongoing collaborations with OEMs, particularly in the electric vehicle segment. Gates India aims for widespread adoption of their hoses and belts, backed by comprehensive training for distributors to ensure safe hydraulic practices.

Saji Thomas, General Manager of PLM at Gates India, shared insights during an interview at EXCON, emphasizing a shift in their approach. He stated, “Rather than selling products, we present Gates as a system solution provider, focusing on critical applications in power and fluid transmission for enhanced customer reliability and quality benefits.

Highlighting their product diversity, Thomas mentioned, “In India, Gates caters to off-highway vehicles, serving OEMs and the aftermarket for construction equipment. Additionally, on the power transmission side, we are a single-source supplier for belts and drive systems to various manufacturers, including commercial vehicles.

Discussing their commitment to R&D and manufacturing, Thomas stated, “Our material and R&D center in India plays a crucial role, enabling us to launch new products from here. We have ample capacity, and our focus aligns with the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Addressing their support to customers, Thomas outlined, “Gates in India collaborates closely with customers during the design stage, offering application engineers’ assistance to optimize product selection, minimizing overall costs.

Regarding their presence in India, Thomas explained, “We have manufacturing locations in Chennai and Punjab for power transmission and fluid power, respectively. With over 1,200 distributors nationwide, Gates ensures widespread availability.

In response to after-sales service and customer support, Thomas highlighted, “We differentiate ourselves by providing training not only to our customers but also to their distributors, ensuring awareness of product functions and promoting safe hydraulic practices.”

When discussing their targets, Thomas stated, “Our mission is for every other hose to be a Gates Hose, and every other belt to be a Gates Belt in India.” Regarding future plans, he mentioned, “We are in advanced stages with several OEMs, especially in the commercial vehicle segment, and are gearing up to provide solutions for the evolving electric vehicle market.

As Gates aligns with the industry shift towards electric vehicles, Thomas expressed confidence in their power transmission systems supporting this transition effectively.