Firestone launches Cutting-Edge Roadhawk 2z tyre with 5 years warranty

Firestone, a global brand with a 120-year legacy, today launched its – the Firestone Roadhawk 2z, next-generation tire meticulously crafted with precision and advanced technical features. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this tire is designed to set new industry benchmarks by delivering unparalleled performance, enhanced safety, superior mileage, and excellent braking capabilities.

Firestone’s Roadhawk 2z Tyre will cater Hatchbacks, sedans and CUVs market. The Firestone’s Roadhawk 2z Tyre is compatible to 12 to 16-inch rim coverage.

“It is a proud moment for us to introduce America’s revered tyre brand and to include Roadhawk 2z in our product offerings. Firestone has a rich legacy in the tyre industry dating back to 1900. We are confident that the Roadhawk 2z will find good acceptance amongst the customers and our channel partners” said Mr Rajarshi Moitra, Chief Commercial Officer

Addressing to a crucial requirement for extended mileage, the tire features a unique compound with a high carbon black ratio, gives better rolling resistance and reduce abrasion on the tyre. Reinforced with robust materials, it enhances braking performance, ensuring a strong grip on the roads. Additionally, optimized shear stress and reduced slippage work together to enhance the overall resilience of the tire.